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Your plumbing fixtures are your direct interface with your plumbing system. Without your faucets, no water would flow through your house. Without your sinks, the water wouldn't drain away. Without your toilet…well…you understand. Because of their integral role in your home, it is prudent that you have an open line of communication with a competent plumbing professional like Apollo Plumbing. Your plumbing fixtures, like any aspect of your plumbing system, will need repairs on occasion, or need replacement. Faucets heads can leak from time to time. Drains can stop up. Your shower head can experience buildup that reduces water pressure. Whatever the issue, Apollo Plumbing has the expertise to repair your fixtures. We can also help you with installation. When you are ready to upgrade to that country style front-apron sink, or you've had your heart set on some new hands-free faucets, we can assist you. Whether it's for a remodel project, home addition or just because, when you need plumbing fixtures, give us a call.

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"Awesome! Chris and Tyler are the Best! They repaired my broken pipe so quickly I was amazed! I will certainly call them for all my plumbing needs. I don’t need to look anywhere else!"

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"Plumbing Repair. Matthew came out for emergency service on a newly flipped house. He was able to diagnose with accuracy just by symptoms, verify with objective data, and resolve the issue with a professional and thorough manner. I was quite pleased with the job he did and would recommend him and Apollo Plumbing to anyone else in the area."

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