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Replace your water line without digging up your yard! It's Fast & affordable!

There's water in your yard. Even though it's not even raining, the water is building up into big puddles. Your water bills are so high. Seems like overnight, those bills got bigger and bigger. Could be a broken water line, your home's main source of water that runs underground from the street to your home.

Digless Waterline Replacement

You need an expert and you need them now. Apollo Plumbing, with a decade of experience, a staff of trained professionals, and the latest in DigLess water line technology, is just what you need to fix that waterline or drainage problem.

  • Instant Analysis
  • Expert Service
  • Guaranteed Results

Why Choose Trenchless Over Traditional?

Water Line Replacement Without Digging

  • Using our trenchless technology, we'll be able to repair your water lines without any disturbance to your driveway, sidewalk, street, or landscaping. You'll be able to avoid digging up your sidewalk, driveway, and road (all of which would need to be repaved), and you won't need to shut down your street or get get any special permits.

Save 50% or More

  • Our trenchless water line repairs will cost thousands of dollars less than traditional methods. You'll be able to have the water lines at your home fully repaired while saving tons of money you would've spend on excavating parts of your property.

Trenchless Repairs are Twice as Fast

  • Using our trenchless technology, we'll be able to get the job done in as little as two days! We'll have the job done before the first trench would've been dug.

How We Do It

Trenchless Directional Drilling Technology – no disturbance to your driveway, sidewalk, street or landscaping.

We drill a new hole, bypassing your old leaky line – typically from the meter to your house, where the pipe connects to your home.

What We Use

Aqua-Pex Pipe – computer designed, cross link polyethylene.

Connections – does not require the use of dangerous chemicals, solvents or glues.

Strength – as the Pex shrinks back around the fittings, it creates a strong durable connection with 1,000 pounds of radial force.

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What Clients Are Saying About Our Water Line Replacement Without Digging

WOW. I got a great bid, work was professional and it was a pleasure to work with the Apollo Team. Tyler (the cost estimator) got right in and worked with his team. It was a pleasure to have met and worked with Mark who gave us a bid on our faucet replacement after the water main pipe job was done. All the people at Apollo get a five star from us. Thank you to the Apollo Team and management.

- Mrs. Susi and Wayne L. Shoreline, WA | Rated: 5/5

PPhil and Tyler did excellent work. The initial response was fast, master of communications Tyler kept me well informed from start to finish. Phil and Tyler worked hard, kept me looped in on progress and recommendations and left the project site in great condition. Very competitive pricing and value. Definitely recommend these guys.

- Mr. Mark B. Kirkland, WA | Rated: 5/5

I had a very tricky job that involved replacing the main pipe from the meter to my house (and connect it to my irrigation system). It was a big job with lots of complications (electric, gas, cable, etc all in the same area). In fact it was so bad some folks I had contacted didn’t even want to do that job. Thankfully Apollo did. From the bid till the completion of the job, everyone at Apollo was great and really went above and beyond (from moving my personal effects from the work site all the way through a very thorough cleanup). They even put up with me hanging around and asking all sorts of questions 🙂 They are now at the top of my list to call whenever a future plumbing issue arises.

– Mr. Jeff Kalles Edmonds, WA | Rated: 5/5

Huge shout out to Apollo Plumbing! I had a leak between my house and the street. They came out to take a look and discovered another problem that would have to be dealt with first. Instead of leaving me with that option that would double the cost of getting the water line fixed they sent out 2 plumbers to take a look. They came up with several options which meant them digging in the yard. After all the extra time spent trying to assess the situation correctly they still didn’t expect me to use them if I didn’t want to. That is going above and beyond and I really appreciate it. Needless to say they have fixed my leak and I am very grateful for their honesty and integrity. It was nice to see they were aware of the costs and were trying to keep them reasonable. I highly recommend them.

– Mrs. Elaine W. Bothell, WA | Rated: 5/5

Just wanted to close the loop on this. We went with Apollo Plumbing and they were FANTASTIC!! Accepted the (very reasonable) quote Wednesday, they had the utilities marked Thurs, and did the whole new water line (almost 100ft!) on Friday! The entire crew was great & very kind/informative. Kept me updated every step of the way. If you have any plumbing needs I highly recommend them!!!

– Mrs. Tatiana L. Everett, WA | Rated: 5/5

The plumbing tech knew exactly what was needed to correct the repair. He had the latest in tools to complete the job quickly and with a superior fix. He gave me some good tips about winterizing our plumbing which I had not heard before. He was a true professional. Thank you.

– Mr. Ray B. Everett, WA | Rated: 5/5

Mark was on top of the project and completed the requirements of a problematic plumbing challenge. Thanks for your dedication. Kind regards...

– Mr. Jake J. Bothell, WA | Rated: 5/5

If you are looking for a professional Leak Detection Contractor, please call Apollo Plumbing at 425-387-1507 or fill out our online request form.