Water Line Replacement Everett WA

Water line replacement doesn’t mean digging up your yard. Trenchless water line repairs from Apollo Plumbing are fast and more affordable than traditional excavation. Your personal plumbers at Apollo Plumbing are ready right now to fix or replace your water line.

Need water line replacement?

Some things improve with age. The water line into your home isn’t one of them. Worst of all, a leak may go undetected. A wet spot in your yard and rapidly increasing water bills are the most common warning signs among others. Other common symptoms include:

  • Yellow or rust colored water coming out of your faucets
  • Warm spots could indicate a broken hot water pipe below
  • Low water pressure caused by a leak
  • Noisy pipes can be a warning of a cracked or leaking water line
  • Underground Water Leak

Left alone, leaking water line damage increases and becomes more expensive. If you suspect a leak it’s best to call Apollo Plumbing right away. If there’s no water line leak, we’ll tell you.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

When we find a leak, Apollo Plumbing recommends replacement using our trenchless technology. That means, no digging or disturbing your landscaping.  Trenchless Directional Drilling Technology means a complete trenchless water line repair can be completed in a single day. That’s faster than it takes to dig the first trench for a traditional replacement. Learn more about Trenchless Water Line Replacement from Apollo Plumbing.

Water bills are already high enough, without the additional cost of a water line leak. Our personal plumbers are ready right now to provide leaking pipe repair, water pipe repair, and even water main replacement. You call, we come, it’s fixed. Guaranteed.

Water line replacement services should be considered whenever a main water line is showing signs of serious damage. The issue could escape detection to the point where a repair is no longer cost-effective. To ensure continuous water service, it’s important to understand when it might be appropriate to replace the water line instead of scheduling a repair. This option can restore the normal service of water used in daily activities like cooking, bathing and washing.

Inspection services can determine the nature and extent of the damage. Repairs or replacement services might be necessary if your water pipes are damaged. Water lines can leak, and the damage can get worse if the problem remains unaddressed for long periods of time. In some cases, a replacement might become necessary. There are several reasons that the damage might become severe enough to warrant a water line replacement. Learn about these indicators, which show that the water line might require repair services or even a replacement.

Water Line Replacement

Water Line Replacement Services

There are many examples of common signs that your water line might need to be inspected. For example, you might notice a surge in the amount of your monthly water bill. Your water pressure might be abnormally low, or the water that does come out of the faucet might be discolored. Take note if you see any hot spots on your floor or hear any strange sounds coming from the water pipes. Finally, if your lawn is showing signs of water leaks, there will be moisture on your lawn even on a dry, sunny day.

The damage to the home can be considerable if repair work is neglected. After the initial inspection, the water lines should be serviced accordingly. If the situation calls for a water line replacement, it means that the damage is so severe that repairs are effectively counter-productive. Detecting the actual problem is just as difficult for the average homeowner. However, understanding the various signs of a serious water problem can ensure that you take the right course of action.

Water Line Replacements, Our Company

Replacement services can be done without using the conventional excavation method that tears up your lawn. Find out about the various options available through our efficient company. There is now a method known as trenchless water line services. Get the water lines inspected as soon as you notice any sign of a serious problem with the water pipes. Learn about how our plumbers can use trenchless directional drilling in order to avoid damage to your yard.

Our service providers use the most reliable, modern technologies to determine the nature of the problem. These pipes are located underground, so this is a service that is necessary in order to meet your obligations for maintaining the water lines from the home to the street. Our plumbers are dedicated professionals who can accurately identify the problem and create a viable plan to get water services restored to your home. Contact our service professionals if you need a water line inspection, repair or replacement service quote.