Sewer Rooter Service

Apollo PLumbing Sewer Rooter ServiceA clogged sewer calls for professional sewer rooter service. Apollo Plumbing’s experienced sewer rooter team specializes in clearing lines and getting you back in the flow.

Clogged sewer warning signs

  • Multiple fixtures clog in your home
  • Toilets drain slowly or back up
  • Toilets overflow while washing machine runs
  • Noxious sewer gases released in your home

Apollo Plumbing sewer rooter pros never met a clog they couldn’t clear

You call. We come. It’s unclogged. We start by sending a camera down the line to identify the problem and its location. Then, using professional rooter equipment, Apollo Plumbing’s rooter specialists carefully and thoroughly clear the line.

The right sewer clearing solution for you

Some plumbing companies are so focused on rooter services, that’s their first answer to every problem. We have a different approach: diagnose your line first, then recommend the right solution.

Our clean, screened, trained, and timely Apollo Plumbers can sometimes clear clogged sewer lines using an organic material dissolver. In some cases, sewer lines are damaged by roots or decay. In these cases, replacement may be necessary. That’s why Apollo Plumbing offers both trenchless and traditional sewer line replacement.

Our promise to you: we only do the work that’s needed. If your line can be cleared instead of replaced, you can trust Apollo to do the right thing for you and the environment. As with everything we do, we’re not done until you’re delighted.

Plumbing problems usually constitute a big emergency. A slow-draining sink might be more of an issue than you think. Clogs often affect the sewage lines, causing problems such as wastewater backflow, flooding, and sewage damage in the home. 

 It’s better to assume that a slow drain could back up at any minute than ignore it. Even worse, many homeowners attempt to fix the problem themselves, causing damage without resolving the source of the problem. It’s always a good idea to leave sewer rooter service to the professionals.

What You Need to Know About a Clogged Sewer

 When your sink, toilet, or tub is clogged, you hope it’s an easy fix. You might try a DIY solution using a plunger or snake. Sometimes, you’re lucky and pull out a wad of hair or an inappropriately flushed dog toy. However, if you can’t reach the source of the problem, it’s likely a clogged sewer. In that case, you’ll need to call a sewer rooter service.

 Clogged sewage lines are a common problem in homes and businesses. Understanding the issue is essential to step in if you notice a sewer clog in your building.

 • It’s probably farther down than you think. 

 • A clogged sewer can affect drainage in sinks, toilets, tubs, and washing machines throughout the home.

 • Noxious sewer gas backs up when a clog prevents water from draining; air must be forced into the room to allow for water flow. 

 • Using a drain cleaner won’t solve the problem.

 • The issue could involve tree roots or sewage system damage.

 • You’ll probably hear gurgling noises in your pipes and drains.

What Causes Sewer Lines to Back Up?

 A sewer line clog is often a one-time event. However, some main drain clogs recur repeatedly. Common reasons that you might need a sewer rooter service include:

 • Sagging or damaged pipes – Ground movement, general wear, and tear and even landscaping methods can damage your pipes. Roots from plants and trees slowly make their way into the cracks, expanding them. Debris enters the pipes. Eventually, the organic growth collects so many particles that it doesn’t allow water and sewage to flow. 

 • Improper toilet usage – You’re not supposed to flush anything but toilet paper. It’s true. Keep feminine products, baby wipes, diapers, food, chewing gum, cat litter, and pills out of your toilets. 

 • Pouring the wrong things down the drain – Don’t dispose of oil, bacon grease, or solvents by dumping them in the sink, tub, or toilet. These can cause damage and buildup in your drains, promoting clogs.

A Clogged Sewer Isn’t Always to Blame.

 Although a clogged sewer line can have dramatic consequences, it’s not always the cause of your plumbing problems. Our sewer rooter service experts will take the most conservative measures to diagnose your issue. Then, we will treat the situation appropriately. 

 If your pet lizard is stuck in the bathtub drain, we won’t charge you to send a camera down to the main sewer line. On the other hand, if we have exhausted all of our conservative efforts, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to pull out the big guns. 

 Apollo Plumbing and Rooter offers a wide variety of services to treat the source of your specific problem. Whether you need a cleanout or a complete repair, our sewer rooter service technicians are happy to do whatever it takes. Apollo Plumbing’s professional sewer rooter service team specializes in getting you flowing again.