What We Believe

Plumber Everett WA

What we believe at Apollo Plumbing

We want to be your personal plumber. The one you count on day or night. We deliver on that promise by being ready right now. We believe you deserve personal attention and respect. This doesn’t happen by accident or chance. It’s the result of the core values we live by.


Commitment to craft.

Clients trust us with their family’s home, comfort and safety. This is no small thing. In order to fulfill our promise to care for their plumbing needs, we must carry ourselves as true professionals and always choose to do the right thing.


Be ready… right now.

In order to be responsive to our customer’s problems, we must be prepared to act with the utmost urgency from the moment they call Apollo Plumbing.


Bring positive energy and enthusiasm to work each day

Plumbing problems are never a joyous occasion. We’re determined to do everything we can to fix our customer’s plumbing, and make them especially happy they chose Apollo Plumbing.


See the world as others see it

We must truly understand the needs of our customers better than anyone else. This requires that we actively listen, show compassion and communicate clearly.


Show consideration for customers and Apollo Plumbing teammates.

To survive and thrive, we must always treat our customers—and one another—with respect. Never point fingers. Never pass the buck.