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Edmonds Plumbing Company

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Apollo Plumbing has worked hard to make it an easy process for Edmonds homeowners to find a quality plumber. We’ve taken the time to carefully screen all of our team members and have some of the highest recruitment standards in the industry. When you are dealing with a Apollo Plumbing technician, rest assured you are working with a top notch professional. You will be able to see our commitment to excellent service in the workmanship of all of our specialists. We are so confident in their work that we back it all up with a written guarantee. That is why we are the number one choice for an Edmonds plumbing company.

At Apollo Plumbing we strive to offer the widest variety of plumbing services available to Edmonds homeowners. We offer plumbing fixture installation for your new faucets, sinks, and toilets. We also offer water and gas line installation and repair. Whether you simply need to extend a plumbing line to a new icemaker or you need an entire plumbing system, we can accommodate. Our most popular service offering is our 24 hour 7 day a week emergency plumbing repair service. No matter what time day or night, if you suffer a plumbing emergency, we’ll be there. Whether you have a busted water line leaking water all over your floor or a gas leak, Apollo Plumbing is only a phone call away.

Edmonds Plumbing Company Services

Plumber in Edmonds, WA

Unclog Your Life with Quality Edmonds Drain Cleaning

Clogs are an inconvenient mess that unfortunately we all end up having to deal with at some point. Most often they happen at the worst possible time too. A clog stopping up your kitchen sink before you need to prepare dinner for the in-laws, or the guest bathroom toilet overflows when you’re expecting a special someone to visit. Sometimes a quick plunge is the easy fix, but what if the clog goes deeper? Over time organic matter like hair or food particles can buildup and cause more of a stoppage than a plunger can solve. When this happens, you should contact the Edmonds drain cleaning experts at Apollo Plumbing. There are a number of specially designed chemicals and tools that a competent, professional plumber can utilize to get a drain clean and flowing again quickly. Our training and use of the proper equipment allows us to handle these situations in a quick and efficient manner. This inconvenience does not have to displace you tremendously. Just leave it in the hands of Apollo Plumbing and rest easy.

Water Heater Options for Edmonds

At some point, as a homeowner, you will have to make a decision about your Edmonds water heater. Do you have it repaired, or is it past its prime? The best way to make that decision is with the assistance of a certified Edmonds hot water heater professional. At Apollo Plumbing we have years of experience repairing and installing all brands of water heaters, both gas and electric. We are more than willing to consult with you on your best options. If your water heater, for example, has plenty of serviceable life left, we will be able to repair it for you quickly and get it running like new again. If it is necessary for you to replace it, we have every major brand and size of water heater to choose from. From small 40 gallon storage water heater tanks to 120 gallon, we have the unit that best suits your needs. We also offer tankless water heaters. If you are interested in saving space and energy, the tankless units may be the right option for you. Our tankless water heaters come in whole home and point of use sizes. You can save money and also enjoy endless hot water with tankless water heaters.