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At Apollo Plumbing we have worked hard to make it an easy process for Marysville homeowners to find a reliable plumber. We are your number 1 resource for all plumbing services. Our screening process for potential team members is top notch, and we have some of the highest recruitment standards in the industry. When you are dealing with a Apollo Plumbing technician, rest assured you are working with a real professional. You will be able to see our commitment to excellent service in the workmanship of all of our professional Marysville plumbers. We are so confident in their work that we back it all up with a written guarantee. That is why we are the number one choice for plumbing professionals in Marysville.

At Apollo Plumbing we offer the biggest variety of plumbing services available to Marysville homeowners. We offer plumbing fixture installation for your new faucets, sinks and toilets. We also offer water line installation and repair. Whether you simply need to install a line for a new ice-maker or you need an entire plumbing system, we can accommodate you. Our most popular service is our 24/7 emergency plumbing repair. No matter what time of day or night, if you have a plumbing emergency, we’ll be there. For busted water lines leaking water all over your floor, Apollo Plumbing is only a phone call away.

Marysville, WA Plumbing Services Include:

Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Services for All of Marysville

A Marysville clogged drain can be a major annoyance and inconvenience or even persistent and slightly serious. When a drain isn’t clear after normal plunging or the use of store bought chemicals, you are leaning toward the persistent and slightly serious. That is because when your toilet won’t flush without overflowing or your sink is clogged, you can’t do things that you do everyday like use the bathroom or wash your hands or dishes. These are essential sanitary things we need to be able to do constantly. If this happens to you, you need a drain cleaning expert and fast. Apollo Plumbing is the right choice for the job. We have the proper tools and experience and we always arrive with a fully stocked van. That way, we can complete the task on the spot and minimize inconvenience to you. Don’t suffer through serious clogs longer than you have to. The drain cleaning experts at Apollo Plumbing can get your drains flowing again in no time.

Apollo Plumbing also cleans clogged sewer lines. When you have a clogged or broken sewer drain, this can cause serious problems. Many fixtures in your home can become clogged and unwanted waste water can end up being pushed back up your drains. Not to mention noxious sewer gas may be leaked into your house. This is a plumbing emergency that we are well equipped to handle. We utilize the latest in technology to most effectively get the job done. For clogs, we use a technique known as hydro-jetting. This is where we use the power of highly pressurized water to break through the clog and wash out all the debris. This method also thoroughly cleans the walls of the drain pipe of all slime and sledge, so your sewer line will be draining as good as it did when it was installed. For broken lines, we have powerful equipment to dig out the broken segment and replace it. Whatever your sewer drain problems, Apollo Plumbing will have it fixed fast.

Storage & Tankless Water Heaters for Marysville Homes

Your water heater won’t last forever and eventually when repairs and inefficiency begins to be too costly, it will be time to replace it. At Apollo Plumbing, we have access to the finest water heater manufacturers, so we only offer the highest quality products. We offer a wide selection and are confident we have a unit that is right for you. We offer gas and electric storage water heaters in all sizes. The average home uses between a 50 to 80 gallon tank, but we offer smaller and larger units. Our newer storage water heater units also boost higher energy efficiency, as Energy Star ratings are becoming a more common necessity in home appliances. For maximum efficiency, however, you may consider a Marysville tankless water heater. These types of water heaters don’t use a tank to store water, which means no water is heated and then not used, so they are more energy efficient. Tankless heaters also don’t take up floor space as they are wall mounted. Tankless water heaters are known to provide an endless hot water supply, which may be useful for Marysville households that use a lot of hot water. Whatever your hot water heater needs, Apollo Plumbing has you covered.

Plumbing Services

Repiping Services

Repiping services involve the replacement of existing pipes in your home. The experts at Apollo have experience performing this task amongst other plumbing services. When a home requires its plumbing to be repiped, it can take a few days to complete the job. We can easily replace a single pipe or upgrade the entire system of your home.

Signs that Your Home Needs to Be Repiped

There are certain signs that your system requires repiping.

    • Poor Water Pressure. If your home has unexplained low water pressure, it may signal a problem. Over time, corrosive material builds throughout your lines. This can cause water to trickle from your sink or shower. An experienced plumber can help.
    • Water Temperature is Never Correct. When you take your morning shower, you expect steamy water, especially if you have your knob turned all the way to hot. However, you may be greeted with a freezing cold stream of water. Other times, your water may suddenly go from cold to scalding hot. Unexplained temperature fluctuation signals a problem that can be addressed by a professional.
    • Discolored Water. Water is normally clear. If you see a hint of red or brown in your supply, you have an issue. Also, metal flakes may be a sign of extreme corrosion. It may mean that you need your lines repiped.
    • Constant Leaks. Leaks begin slowly. However, when they become a constant problem, something needs to be fixed. It is essential to have a professional plumber examine your system. Things may need to be repiped.
    • Noisy Pipes. It is not uncommon for pipes to make some noise as they adjust to various temperature changes or when they fill with water. However, loud scratches, creeks, and rattles are not normal. They may signal a severe problem

Benefits of Having Your System Repiped

  • Heightened water pressure
  • Rust-free water
  • Decreased frequency of leaks

Reasons to Work with Apollo Plumbing

There is not a set time to repipe your home. However, when you experience the mentioned issues or in need of other plumbing services, it is smart to consult with a professional plumber. At Apollo, we have experience replacing pipes. If you have an older home, have lead pipes, or have problems, it is wise to consider this service. Old pipes can be harmful to your health. In certain circumstances, dangerous metals may seep in your water. Having your system repiped can be a complicated task, especially if your entire home is receiving this upgrade. When you work with us, you receive quick and efficient service. For more information, call us today.