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sewer video inspection

If you think there might be any problem with your sewer line you don't have to fret about finding the appropriate solution, all you have to do is call on the experienced staff at Apollo Plumbing. With our sewer video inspection services we will be able to quickly and easily identify the source of any problem and take the needed steps to providing an adequate solution. Our pipeline inspections will be able to accurately detect any issues with debris blockage, leaking pipe joints, or any issues with cracks in the piping.

When Apollo Plumbing conducts a video inspection we will use our state-of-the-art video equipment to collect as much information as is needed with your sewer line. The camera will be fed into your sewer lines clean out, and offer a view of any breaks, blockage, or other issues concerning the sewer pipe line.

Reasons to Conduct a Video Inspection

  • Strange Odors: If you have noticed obnoxious sewer odors n your drain traps, sink, or bath, you will need to have your sewer line examined. A damaged vent pipe can cause these fumes to work their way back into your home.
  • Sewer-line Backing Up: If blockages are causing your sewer line to back up, an inspection will be needed to identify the location of the source so that it can be properly addressed.
  • Buying a Home: When you're buying a home one of the processes that you want to have conducted is a sewer line inspection to make certain that everything is up to code. You do not want to be unwittingly inviting a host of sewer problems when you get your new property.
  • Overgrowth in your lawn: If you've noticed a spot on your lawn that seems to be overgrown, this could be due to nutrients seeping into the soil from your sewer line. This means you likely have a leak or crack in the pipes that needs addressing, and it can easily be found with video inspection.

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"Plumbing Repair. Matthew came out for emergency service on a newly flipped house. He was able to diagnose with accuracy just by symptoms, verify with objective data, and resolve the issue with a professional and thorough manner. I was quite pleased with the job he did and would recommend him and Apollo Plumbing to anyone else in the area."

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