5 Tips for Drain Cleaning

In addition to your daily and weekly cleaning chores, such as vacuuming and dusting, you must tackle numerous spring cleaning chores periodically to keep your home in tip-top shape. When you think about spring cleaning, you may initially focus on decluttering. After all, your closets, drawers, and cabinets will become increasingly chaotic and must be reorganized from time to time. Other chores require your attention, such as dusting off the ceiling fan blades, wiping down the baseboards, cleaning the light fixtures, and more. While focusing on these and other more obvious tasks is easy, your next spring cleaning session is also the time to clean out your drains. Drain cleaning is a huge task you definitely want the professionals to do it.

Over time, the drains in your kitchen and bathrooms will grow increasingly filthy. In addition to emitting foul odors, dirty drains can also produce clogs. Clogs cause the water to drain more drain cleaningslowly from the sinks, tubs, and toilets. This problem can seem like an annoyance initially, but clogs will gradually grow in size. As this happens, the drains will function even more slowly. Eventually, you will have a complete clog, and no water will flow out of the drain.

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By simply focusing your attention on drain cleaning periodically, you can avoid this messy situation in your home. What are some tips for cleaning your drains more easily and thoroughly?

Focus on the Stopper

Your drain stoppers do more than prevent water from draining out of the tubs, shower basins, and sinks. They also are the first line of defense to prevent clogs from developing in the pipes. Stoppers often collect hair, soap residue, food, and other items that otherwise may form a clog in the pipes.

You can easily clean the stopper by first removing it from the drain. Then, pull or scrape all accumulated matter off the stopper. This debris can emit a foul odor that lingers even after the matter has been removed. With this in mind, soak the stopper in a small bowl of baking soda and water, vinegar or lemon juice, and water. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the stopper with your preferred concoction after it has been soaking for a while.

Clean Out the Drains
After you have cleaned the stoppers, you can turn your attention to the pipe and drain cleaning. You may be inclined to use one of the chemical drain cleaning products you can find at many local stores. While these can destroy clogs and help the water to pass through the pipes as intended, these chemical products can also damage your pipes over time. More than that, they are toxic substances that can cause serious harm to the environment.

A better solution for pipe and drain cleaning is an enzymatic cleaner. These products use natural ingredients, such as bacteria and enzymes, to target the clogs. Through natural processes, an enzymatic cleaner can break down the elements in a clog into safe elements, such as hydrogen, oxygen, and others. These products may be more expensive than chemical drain cleaning products. Still, the ability to clean your pipes without damaging them or the environment is well worth the cost.

Tackle Unpleasant Odors
Bacteria, mildew, and other elements can start to grow on the clogs in your pipes. The result can be a truly unpleasant odor that floats through your kitchen and bathrooms even after you have just cleaned them. The good news is that you can deodorize the drain and pipes after you remove the clogs and even in between your more significant clog removal sessions throughout the year.

Start by running hot water down the pipes to flush any debris away initially. Then, heat a cup of white vinegar in the microwave. Pour this down the drain. Rinse the drain by running cold water through it. Repeat the process as needed until the smells are completely gone.

Clean the Kitchen Sink with Citrus Fruit
Over time, food residue and grease can build up in the sink drain and pipes. In addition to potentially building up into a clog, the debris can create a funky smell that wafts through your kitchen and even into other rooms in the home. While you can also use enzymatic cleaners in the kitchen, another option is available.

Citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, and oranges, are naturally acidic. They can cut through grease and other debris that may be causing an issue in your kitchen sink. More than that, they can emit a fresh, inviting smell that dramatically improves your home environment. Cut a whole fruit into wedges to clean the kitchen drain with citrus fruit. One by one, run these wedges through the garbage disposal. Because of how easy this is, you can keep your kitchen smelling nice without a hassle by repeating this process every month.

Hire a Pro
Are you dealing with a more challenging clog? Sometimes, a clog is too large and stubborn to be tackled only with enzymatic cleaners and natural agents, such as vinegar, citrus fruits, and baking soda. Thankfully, professional help is available. Our plumbers are true professionals who can use proven techniques to address all of your drain problems. The best time to call a plumber for service is before the drain is completely clogged.

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Clogged drains are an unfortunately common issue that most people will have to deal with over time. You can prevent any clogs from developing by regularly cleaning the stopper and drains. However, even with your best efforts, you may still develop a clog that does not break down through your cleaning strategies and techniques. If you are dealing with this situation today, your next move should be to call a plumber for assistance. Our professionals can safely address the problem and leave you with clean drains and pipes. Contact our office today to schedule a drain cleaning service for your home.