Tank Water Heaters

Traditional tank water heaters, also known as storage water heaters, use fuel sources such as natural gas, propane, or electricity. Tank water heaters store hot water in a storage tank, typically ranging from 20 to 120 gallons capacity.

Your personal plumbers at Apollo Plumbing offer a variety of ENERGY STAR® tank water heaters with enhanced insulation, heat traps, and more efficient burners which lower energy use by up to 8% compared to older units.

Common Water Heater Trouble Sources

While a tank water heater seems simple enough, its many components all have to work together to ensure you receive a reliable supply of hot water. These are the most common tank water heater problems Apollo plumbers find:

  • Broken pilot light: Loss of hot water in a gas system is often caused when a pilot light goes out. Apollo Plumbing can easily get yours started again.
  • Another common cause of lost hot water, a broken thermostat can either be repaired or replaced. It’s one of the first things your personal Apollo Plumber checks.
  • Leaking tank: A leaking tank won’t affect temperature, it is a serious problem. The leak may be caused by a cracked tank requiring replacement or poorly fitted part that can be repaired.

Tank Water Heater Replacement

You will spend 8 to 12 years with your tank water heater. During that time, it will account for about 15% of your homes energy consumption. That’s why choosing the right one is so important. Apollo Plumbing takes the time to make sure your tank water heater replacement is sized to provide an ample supply based on your specific demands. We believe in helping you make an informed decision because you’ll live with it for years to come.

What You Can Expect With Apollo Plumbing Tank Water Heater Installation

Apollo Plumbers arrive when we promise and get right to work. We diagnose your water heater. If it can be repaired, we’ll tell you. If time has come for replacement, we give you all the options—along with an upfront, no surprise price. That means the price you agree to is the final price—even if more work is needed to finish your professional water heater installation. Our promise: we’re not done till you’re delighted. Naturally, that includes hauling off your old water heater.