Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Thinking about replacing an aging or malfunctioning water heater? Now is a great time for Washington homeowners to consider going tankless. Read on to find out about the benefits of tankless water heaters to learn why it’s such a good investment.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Traditional water heaters draw power continuously since they have to keep the water in the tank hot enough to be used at the drop of a dime. Tankless models provide hot water on demand as it’s needed, so they use less power. This allows tankless heaters to perform up to 34% better than their traditional counterparts.

Lower Utility Bills

Improved efficiency means lower monthly bills. Households making the switch from older traditional water heaters can save hundreds of dollars per year. According to ENERGY STAR, tankless heaters can conserve up to 50% more energy, which amounts to significant savings and helps to offset the higher cost of tankless water heater installation within just a few years.

Increased Life Expectancy

Tankless heaters don’t just provide a more energy-efficient alternative to traditional methods of heating water. They also last much longer. While traditional water heaters typically start experiencing significant wear and losing efficiency after just a decade, tankless models that are provided with proper maintenance can last for 20 years or longer.

Never Run Out of Hot Water

With traditional water heaters, the entire household’s hot water supply is stored in the tank. That tank can be quite large, but it won’t provide an endless supply of hot water. The results can be quite uncomfortable, as residents may find themselves without sufficient hot water to do the dishes, wash laundry, or, even worse, take comfortable showers. With tankless heaters, there’s no need to worry about running out of hot water since they provide a continuous supply.

Save Space

Traditional hot water tanks are quite large. The average model is 60 inches tall and 24 inches in diameter, meaning that they take up a ton of space. A standard-sized tankless model will be much smaller, measuring just 28 x 20 x 10 inches. That frees up not just space, but also additional possibilities when it comes to location.

While traditional heaters typically have to be installed in basements or utility closets, making them more difficult to access for maintenance and repairs, tankless models can be located almost anywhere. Some homeowners even have them installed beneath cabinets for a perfect balance of convenient access and discreetness.

Less Maintenance

Most experts recommend having traditional water heater tanks serviced every six months. Tankless heaters require less maintenance. In areas with clean, soft water, they can function perfectly for up to five years without any professional maintenance at all. In areas with hard water, they need to be cleaned annually to remove mineral buildup, but this process is so easy most handy homeowners can do it themselves. Just use a vinegar solution to dislodge any sediment or debris, then flush the unit for one hour to ensure that it is clean and ready for another year of use.

Tax Breaks

Homeowners who install energy-efficient appliances this year can take advantage of federal tax credits to help offset the installation cost. Since tankless heaters are so efficient, it’s easy to find an ENERGY STAR-certified model that will qualify for a 10% tax break. Combined with the decreased monthly utility bills and increased longevity of tankless models, this tax break can make installing a tankless system a more cost-efficient option than continuing to repair an old, inefficient water heater.

No Standby Loss

Part of the reason tankless heaters are so much more efficient is that they eliminate standby loss. While traditional water heaters expend around 26% of their energy keeping water hot when the home’s occupants don’t even need it, tankless heaters don’t have this problem. When residents aren’t using the hot water, they don’t consume any power at all.

Longer Warranties

Since tankless heaters can be expected to last 25 years or more and require little to no maintenance to keep them running as intended, manufacturers tend to offer better warranties. That means in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, the homeowner won’t be stuck footing the bill for repairs or a replacement. Some warranties can run 10, or even 20 years.

Plenty of Options

Homeowners can have their tankless heaters sized to meet their families’ needs and can choose between many energy-efficient models. Both gas and electric tankless heaters are available, so homeowners who don’t want to reroute their gas lines won’t have to.

Perfect for Homes of All Sizes

Since tankless heaters can be sized to meet household demands, they’re great for households of all sizes. Smaller families may have trouble finding a traditional water heater that won’t generate excessive standby losses. They won’t have that problem with tankless heaters.

A Great Excuse to Upgrade

Homeowners who are on the fence about whether to continue repairing their aging traditional water heaters or go tankless often find that the benefits of tankless heaters by far outweigh the cost of heater replacement. They won’t have to worry anymore about frequent repairs, high energy bills, or running out of water in the middle of what should be a relaxing shower.

Still on the Fence?

Those who are still on the fence about whether the benefits of tankless water heaters are worth the increased cost of installation should contact a company that offers both options. This will give homeowners the chance to ask questions, discuss their concerns, inquire about financing, and make a more informed decision after getting the objective opinion of a trained professional.

Get Help Now

Water heater installation should always be performed by an experienced contractor. Washington homeowners can trust Apollo Plumbing to help them with every step of the process, from deciding on a water heater model to rerouting utility lines as needed, removing the old unit, and ensuring that everything works as intended from day one. Apollo Plumbing’s contractors will always treat customers and their homes with the respect that they deserve. Browse the website to learn more about available services, call with questions, or schedule a service visit online today.