Detecting Leaks Early Can Prevent Major Problems

Many homeowners do not think about their pipes often because they are hidden away in walls, under flooring, and even below the foundation. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems. When leaks occur, they sometimes go unnoticed for a long time, causing significant water damage that becomes expensive to repair. Detecting leaks and taking care of them as quickly as possible is critical for the integrity of your home. Apollo Plumbing and Rooter is dedicated to protecting our customers’ homes from water damage caused by undetected leaks. 

What Causes Water Leaks?

Household water leaks can occur at any time and in any home. It can be frustrating when you suspect a leak but cannot find the source. There are multiple possibilities when it comes to the cause of water leaks. 

  • Clogged pipes can sometimes cause an overflow of water from drains. The clog can become severe enough that it causes a pipe to burst. 
  • Some homes have piping that can become corroded over the years. When corrosion sets in severely enough, it can lead to leaks. As the leaks progress, increased damage can occur. 
  • Damaged pipe joints are another source of water leaks in homes. Residents of Washington need to ensure their pipes are checked regularly for any signs of pipe joint degradation. 
  • Many homeowners are surprised to learn excessive water pressure can also lead to leaks. Water pressure that is too high can cause problems with many areas of your home. 
  • Some trees have invasive roots that can break through pipes and cause leaks. Because the pipes are hidden under the ground, homeowners may not realize there is a problem until their municipal water bills skyrocket. 
  • Frozen pipes can become a significant problem during Washington winters. When temperatures drop below freezing, water in the lines can freeze. When water freezes, it expands and places pressure on pipes, causing leaks. 

Signs of Hidden Water Leaks

Early leak detection is critical for protecting against water damage. Although leaks can be difficult to detect without the right equipment, there are some signs homeowners can consider. Should you notice any of the following, please contact us right away for emergency services. 

  • Wet spots on the walls, floors, or ceilings
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Wet yard areas
  • Overflowing septic tanks
  • Increased water bills (without changes in usage)

When any of the above occurs, this likely means there is a water leak occurring in the home. Prompt service will involve finding the source of the leak and carrying out the repairs. Call us right away, so we can send out a truck. 

Common Water Leak Locations

As we have said, water leaks can happen anywhere there are water pipe components or appliances that use water. There are some areas of concern that more commonly develop leaks. An inspection can ensure these vulnerable areas are working properly, with no leaks occurring. 

  • The service line that runs from the meter to the home
  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Crawlspaces
  • Radiant floor heating systems
  • Pipes inside walls or flooring

While some leaks are easier to detect than others, having the right tools and knowledge makes leak detection faster. Our certified plumbers have the tools and training to find the leaks and take care of them right away. 

Large Leaks Require an Immediate Response

Apollo Plumbing provides the services our customers can rely on, even in times of emergencies. We offer after-hours and weekend emergency services when a large leak is occurring. 

Waiting is not an option when water is leaking in large amounts. Not only could a leak of this magnitude lead to water damage, but it could also cause the risk of electric shock if the water encounters electronics and appliances. 

It can be frightening when a large leak is occurring, but being prepared helps you remain calm. Take these steps first and then call us immediately. We will come right out, with a fully stocked truck, and take care of your repairs. 

  1. Shut off the water supply to your home as soon as possible to stop the flow of water. 
  2. Ensure there is no danger of electricity and water mixing. If in doubt, shut off the electricity right away. 
  3. Clean up any pooled water, so no one slips and falls. 

No matter what time of day or night, Apollo Plumbing is here for our customers. We offer emergency services when you need them most. 

We Detect Water Leaks Quickly

Fast detection is critical, especially when large amounts of water are leaking. Our team has a range of tools that allow us to find leaks quickly, even when the pipes are buried in the ground or under your concrete slab. 

Our cameras and thermal devices expertly pinpoint the source of damage. Once found, our certified plumbers go right to work on repairing your pipes and stopping the leaks. 

Why Choose Anyone Else?

There is a reason so many Washington residents rely on our expert services. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied and ensure their needs are met on time. Having trucks stocked with supplies and committed plumbers means we can handle any job, no matter how big or small. 

From leak detection to new installs, and everything in between, our plumbers have you covered. Allow us to take care of any pipe leaks on your property. 

Schedule an Appointment Right Away

Our dispatchers are standing by to schedule your plumbing appointment. It can be frustrating dealing with leaks. Treating our customers like family and offering them prompt and courteous services has allowed us to rise to the number one position in the area. 

If you believe there is a water leak on your property, please call us so we can send a plumber out immediately. Timely service is critical for stopping the leak and ensuring your home is protected against water damage that can sometimes cause devastation. Apollo Plumbing is here when you need us, and it is our pleasure to serve homeowners in Washington who need a plumber.

Apollo Plumbing proudly serves homeowners in Washington, meeting all their plumbing needs. They are dedicated to offering prompt and courteous services, so no homeowner has to stress over repairs.