How Can Trenchless Sewer Repair in Lynnwood, WA Benefit You?

Trenchless Sewer RepairLet’s take you back to olden days of sewer repair, shall we? To make a long story short, it was a headache. Repair would require plumbers to dig up some poor homeowner’s landscape just to do the job. Yes, that’s right; if you were someone who took great pride in their good-looking lawn, sewer repair was heartbreaking, as all your hard would be made irrelevant just so your sewer line could be fixed. But fortunately, times have changed, and you now have the option of trenchless sewer repair in Lynnwood, WA.

At Apollo Plumbing, we’re than happy to provide service that doesn’t require us to dig up your landscape just to our work. We offer trenchless sewer repair in Lynnwood, WA using the leading pipeline rehabilitation product Perma-Liner, which guarantees a durable, reliable sewer system without excavation. And while sewer repair may be considered a time-consuming endeavor, we work quickly so repairs are done as soon as possible.

What is Perma-Liner?

Perma-Liner is the leading pipeline rehabilitation product in North America. For any leaks or cracks in your sewer line, it’s the perfect solution to make it look and feel brand new. The process involves inserting a resin-saturated felt tube into a damaged pipe from the upstream point. It requires no digging, proving cost-effective and certainly won’t take up a larger portion of time. Best of all, it gives you piping that looks and feels brand new.

Trenchless Sewer Repair in Lynnwood, WA: How Can It Help You?

Call Apollo Plumbing if you need trenchless sewer repair in Lynnwood, WA and you can get service that can help you:

  • Save money on property damage. You won’t have to worry about digging up your landscape and having to go through the long, arduous process of restoring it.
  • Improve the performance of your plumbing fixtures. If your sewer line is experiencing problems, it will soon begin to affect your plumbing system and prevent you from using your plumbing fixtures to the best of their abilities, but trenchless sewer repair ensure better plumbing for all.
  • Relieve stress. When you consider how time-consuming sewer repair can be, cutting out the excavation process will do so much to keep you at a better peace of mind.

Contact Apollo Plumbing today if you need trenchless sewer repair in Lynnwood, WA that makes all the right fixes and keeps your nice-looking lawn intact.