Edmonds Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair Everett WAEdmonds garbage disposal repair is not the most simple job. In fact, it’s downright dangerous. Save your fingers and trust garbage disposal to your personal plumber at Apollo Plumbing.

Do You Need Edmonds Garbage Disposal Repair?

If it is exhibiting any of the following signs, you may need garbage disposal repair:

  • Fails to Turn On
  • Clicking or Grating Sounds
  • Does Not Drain Efficiently
  • Does Not Grind Food

Being kind To Your Garbage Disposal Saves You Money

When used correctly and cared for, garbage disposals last for years. Even though they’re commonplace, disposals are often misused. While Apollo Plumbing is ready 24 hours of every day to help, following these steps could save you from costly repairs.

  • Turn on cold water and the disposal; allow it to run a few moments
  • Scrape most food off plates before rinsing the rest into your garbage disposal
  • Afterward, allow cold water to run for two minutes after turning off your disposal.

Remember to avoid bones, celery, coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit pits, grease and potato peels. These items will dull or clog your disposal.

Trust Apollo Plumbing For Edmonds Garbage Disposal Repair

If the worst happens and your disposal quits, don’t fret. Apollo Plumbers are ready right now to diagnose and repair your garbage disposal. You call. We come. It’s fixed. At an up-front no surprise price. Apollo Plumbing also offers a variety of replacement garbage disposals sized to fit your specific needs. Whatever the issue, we’re not done till you’re delighted. That’s because we want to be your personal plumber.