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Sometimes finding a good Everett plumber, as with any contractor, can be a bit of a challenge. It is especially difficult to know you are making the right decision when you have to do it within the moments of dealing with a plumbing crisis. Picture this: you're standing in two inches of water in your kitchen as water spews out of the pipe under the sink. Immediately you go to your smartphone and Google "good plumbers in Everett." Who do you call? The first one? Let Apollo Plumbing take the worry out of that situation for you. We've been serving the plumbing needs of Everett homeowners since 2005. We have a commitment to service excellence that shows and you can see it in our many satisfied customers. We even back up all of our work with a written guarantee. That is why we are the top choice in Everett for plumbing professionals.

At Apollo Plumbing, we offer a wide array of plumbing services. Our most popular service in Everett is our 24 hour emergency plumbing repair. When you are suffering a plumbing emergency, you can't always wait until morning (and heaven forbid it happens on Friday). Plumbing problems can turn into other issues such as water damage, damaged flooring, water spots on the ceiling and more. So when a pipe bursts or you spring a heavy leak, or whatever happens, you can call us day or night. We also offer plumbing fixture installations. Whenever you are ready to upgrade your sink, faucet or toilet, we'll be glad to install it for you. Apollo Plumbing truly is here for all of your plumbing needs.

Drain Cleaning Keeps Everything Flowing in Everett

Clogs are a common plumbing issue that almost everyone has had to deal with. Some clogs are simple enough to solve with a plunger, others don't seem to go away. For the more serious stoppages, you may need the expert drain cleaners at Apollo Plumbing. Over time your drains may experience a buildup of organic material. Hair, food and other things commonly sent down the drain can turn into a sludge that sticks to your drain pipes. With more severe stoppages, you may need specialized equipment or chemicals to get it clear. At Apollo Plumbing we always come prepared with the proper tools to get the job done on the spot. Whether we use a chemical to eat away the organic buildup or use our toolbox to extract the toddler toy from your piping, we'll get the job done fast.

At Apollo Plumbing we also offer sewer line excavating and repair. Stoppage to the sewer drain can cause a number of problems and you may not even know it is happening until it is too late. When suddenly several fixtures become clogged at the same time or water comes up from your sink drain every time you flush the toilet, your sewer main could be damaged. This is commonly caused by tree roots. The roots are attracted to the warmth and moisture of the line, so as they grow they penetrate joints and structural weaknesses until they puncture and eventually overtake the sewer main. The only way to solve this problem is to remove the damaged drain piping from the ground and replace it. Apollo Plumbing has the proper excavating equipment and experience to do the job right.

Storage & Tankless Water Heaters for Everett Homes

Your water heater isn't going to last forever, and eventually when repairs and inefficiency begins to be costly, it will be time to replace it. At Apollo Plumbing, we have established relationships with the finest water heater manufacturers, so we only offer the highest quality products. We offer a wide selection, so we surly have a unit that is right for you. We offer gas and electric storage water heaters in all sizes. The average home uses between a 60 to 80 gallon tank, but we offer smaller and larger units. Our newer storage water heater units also boast higher energy efficiency, as Energy Star ratings are becoming a more common necessity in home appliances. For maximum efficiency, however, you may consider a tankless water heater. These types of water heaters don't use a tank to store water, which means no water is heated and then not used, so they are more energy efficient. Tankless heaters also don't take up floor space as they are wall mounted. Tankless water heaters also boast endless hot water, which may be useful for Everett households that use a lot of hot water. Whatever your hot water heater needs, Apollo Plumbing has you covered.

Everett Water Line Replacement Service

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Trenchless water line replacement can save you a bundle over traditional methods. When a leak occurs or the pipe needs replacement, the old method was to dig it out and get the section of pipe replaced.

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Everett 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repair Contractor

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Plumbing issues rarely occur at a time that would be convenient for you, which is precisely why we here at Apollo Plumbing are available for all of your Everett emergency plumbing needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

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"Awesome! Chris and Tyler are the Best! They repaired my broken pipe so quickly I was amazed! I will certainly call them for all my plumbing needs. I don’t need to look anywhere else!"

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"Plumbing Repair. Matthew came out for emergency service on a newly flipped house. He was able to diagnose with accuracy just by symptoms, verify with objective data, and resolve the issue with a professional and thorough manner. I was quite pleased with the job he did and would recommend him and Apollo Plumbing to anyone else in the area."

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