How much does Kirkland drain cleaning cost?

You’re probably wondering how much Kirkland drain cleaning costs if you’ve got a clog. The answer? It depends. There are multiple ways a drain can become blocked, each requiring different levels of effort to fix. Let’s break down how much you’d have to spend to deal with them.

Average Cost

The average price of a professional Kirkland drain cleaning is around $220. When you hire a pro, you should expect to pay $140-$340. The exact price tag will depend on multiple factors.Kirkland drain cleaning

Cleaning the drain yourself is the best bargain — if it works.

DIY Kirkland Drain Cleaning

Many people assume drain cleaner is the go-to drain cleaning method. However, it isn’t the best choice. Drain cleaning liquid is highly toxic. It can create poisonous fumes and harm pipes, leading to serious issues.

Plungers are the other obvious choice, and most of us have used them dozens of times. Select a plunger designed for the type of drain you’re looking to clear. For example, specific styles work better for kitchen sinks than toilets.

You can pick up a cheap plunger at a dollar store, but it will probably fall apart after one or two uses. Sturdier plungers are still inexpensive. On the other hand, they only help with minor clogs close to a drain’s opening.

A snake is the best at-home method. Snakes use a long coil to grab the material in your drain, and using one is a snap if the clog is easy to reach. You can find snakes for as little as $5.

Clearing the P-trap is another option for certain drain types. The P-trap is the curved pipe beneath a sink. You can clean it with the following steps:

  • Turn the water off.
  • Put a bucket under the pipe to collect any water still in the drain.
  • Use a wrench to loosen the P-trap’s nuts and take it apart.
  • Remove the clog material.
  • Reattach the P-trap.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking up professional prices, you’ve probably already tried home methods and discovered they’re insufficient for your situation.

Professional Drain Cleaning Snaking Cost by Drain Type

Professionals have heavy-duty snakes and know how to use them. Some offer a flat fee, though many bills hourly.

  • Toilets and kitchen sink usually cost $110-$275.
  • Tub and shower drains generally cost around $225.
  • Clogs in sewage mainlines have the broadest range at $100-$800.

Plumbers set their prices to cover labor and materials. Simple clogs take little time to remove, but more complex blockages could take a few hours.

Location Matters

Plumbers in places with a high cost of living usually charge more than plumbers in less expensive regions, though there are exceptions. Fortunately, regional differences typically aren’t enormous.

Seattle’s most expensive city for drain cleaning is $211-$510. The least costly is Minneapolis at $100-$210. Most fall somewhere in between.

Though it’s financially wise to try do-it-yourself methods first, they don’t always work. If you need a professional, you can expect to pay $100 or more, but you’ll be guaranteed to have a working drain in short order.