Kirkland Toilet Installation & Repair

Toilet Installation and Repair Everett WANobody thinks about their toilet—until it stops working. While it seems a simple enough device, there are several components in every toilet that have to work in harmony to get the job done. That’s why it makes sense to trust the professional at Apollo Plumbing when a toilet gives you problems. Kirkland toilet installation and repair is our specialty!

Toilet Repair or Toilet Replacement?

A clean, screened, trained, and timely Apollo Plumber starts by first assessing how well your toilet’s components are working together. Many times simply replacing or adjusting a part or two can get this most trusted seat back to doing what it was mean to do.

On the other hand, it may be a better move to consider toilet replacement. That’s because an old one can nickel and dime you with repeated needs for repair. Fact is, toilets have a useful lifespan. When should you consider replacing your toilet?

  • It doesn’t flush completely
  • It runs constantly—or sounds that way
  • It leaks at the base
  • It’s loose to the floor

While advances in toilet design and function may not seem obvious to you, chances are a new one will work better and probably save you money. Newer units are more efficient, offer more height, and shape options. There are even ones that remember to put the seat down all by themselves. Talk about advanced technology.

Trust Apollo Plumbing for Toilet Repair or Installation in Everett & Marysville

Your personal Everett plumbers at Apollo Plumbing are ready right now. You call. We come. It’s fixed. Guaranteed. We’ll arrive when promised and get right to work diagnosing whether toilet repair or new toilet installation is the best option for you. Best of all, as with everything we do, you get an up-front, no surprise price. Guaranteed. That means we’re not done till you’re delighted.