Monroe Sewer Relining Services

Efficient and hassle-free sewer repairs in Monroe. No need to replace damaged pipes anymore. Our expert team uses cutting-edge epoxy relining for a seamless and durable solution. Say goodbye to traditional replacement methods. Discover the superior alternative with Apollo Plumbing.

When is Sewer Pipe Relining The Right Answer?

These are common examples of when a pipe may need relining:

  • Corrosion: If deterioration has caused a break or collapse restricting flow
  • Off-grade piping: Subpar existing pipes may suffer premature corrosion or deterioration
  • Leaky joints: If seals between pipes have broken, enabling water to escape around the pipe
  • Blockage: When proper flow is restricted due to grease buildup or other types of blockage
  • Root in the line: When tree or shrubbery roots grow through pipes disrupting normal flow
  • Bellied pipe: Part of the pipe sinks causing a collapse in the line that collects paper and waste

How Monroe Sewer Relining Works

Apollo Plumbing uses two methods of sewer pipe relining: pipe coating and CIPP, or Cured In Place Pipe.

Pipe Coating: Discover the power of pipe coating: the ultimate solution for fixing cracks, holes, and root intrusion damage in drains. Our state-of-the-art machine utilizes a pump and flexible metal tube to apply epoxy and protect your pipes from corrosion. With rotating brushes ensuring thorough application, our pipe coating process is the ideal choice for sectional drain repairs. Step into the future of pipe maintenance and see the difference for yourself.

CIPP: Cured In Place Pipe: Apollo Plumbing Sewer Pipe Relining experts use a specialized method to repair your existing sewer pipes without any digging. They place a flexible tube soaked in epoxy inside the pipe, which is then inflated to match the shape of the original pipe. As the epoxy hardens, it forms a durable new lining that mimics the shape of the old pipe. This process can be done by blowing the tube into place with air pressure or manually positioning it with ropes. If your sewer design allows, this innovative solution can save you from costly excavation.

Early Diagnosis Saves You Time, Trouble, and Money

Don’t wait for visible signs of sewer pipe problems. If you’re facing any of the issues mentioned above, contact Apollo Plumbing immediately. We’re here to prevent costly problems and ensure your pipes are in top shape. Rest easy knowing that when you call us, we’ll respond swiftly and fix the issue, guaranteed.