Snohomish Plumbing Video Inspection

Plumbing Video Inspections Snohomish WASewer line problems can’t hide from Apollo Plumbing’s high definition plumbing video inspection technology. Our trained specialists quickly and easily identify problems through video inspection. That enables them to determine the appropriate solution.

How Apollo Snohomish Plumbing Video Inspection Works

As a trained Apollo Plumber feeds the camera into your sewer lines clean out, we get a view of any breaks, blockage, or other issues concerning the sewer pipe line. Whether it’s debris blockage, leaking pipe joints, or any issues with cracks in the piping, we’re able to collect needed information.

When Is An Inspection Needed?

  • Strange Odors: A damaged vent pipe can cause these fumes to work their way back into your home. If you notice obnoxious sewer odors in drain traps, sink, or bath.
  • Sewer-line Back Ups: When blockages are cause sewer line to back ups, video inspection can pinpoint the location of the problem.
  • Buying a Home: Before signing on the line, get a sewer line inspection to make sure everything is up to code and avoid lurking issues.
  • Overgrowth in your lawn: Overgrown spots on your lawn could be due to nutrients seeping into the soil from cracks in your sewer line.

Video Inspection Is Just One Apollo Plumbing Tool

We use Video Inspection as one tool out of many to give you the most reliable plumbing service possible. Whether you have a clog, a leak or some other issue, Apollo Snohomish Plumbing video inspection is invaluable in getting it fixed.