Puyallup Plumbing Services

In our country, there are few services we rely on more than plumbing. Most of us wouldn’t want to be a day in our homes without well-functioning plumbing systems. We need running water in our homes as much as our bodies need clean water to drink. This means at some point, we need plumbing services to either repair or install a new part of the plumbing system. When you find yourself in need of Puyallup plumbing services, call Apollo Plumbing. We offer twenty-four-hour service for your emergency repair needs or we can schedule an appointment for other services.

We strive to create long-term relationships with our customers in Puyallup. This means we do all we can to ensure you are happy with our service and the products and parts we install. When quality and affordability are important to you, choose us.Puyallup Plumbing Services

Puyallup Plumbing Services

Water Line Replacement Puyallup Plumbing Service

It can feel great to know you always have a plumber ready to help you with your plumbing services. We would love for you to count on us for everything you need including water line replacement service. It’s one less thing you need to worry about if you know your plumber can do it all. If you are having trouble with your freshwater pipes or you need a new water line installed, just give us a call and we’ll be there for you.

Puyallup Leak Detection Service

Leaks have a way of running down the plumbing pipes, down walls, and up from the ground or floor. Finding the source of the leak is not always easy, so we have special leak detection tools to locate them. No leak can hide from us. We’ll locate the source and let you know what’s going on so the problem can be fixed. It’s much better to locate the leak first before trying to rip out drywall or dig up the yard or concrete foundation.