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redmond plumbing servicesApollo Plumbing, Inc., is a family owned plumbing company that cares about the quality of the work we perform. We know that without you, we could not have developed our good reputation here in the Redmond area. You will receive top quality service because we know that you have high standards when it comes to your homes. We work hard to maintain a good reputation and know that the only way to a good reputation is in satisfying every customer with honest, experienced, professional Redmond plumbing company.

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Apollo is Your Trusted Plumbing Company in Redmond for Water Heater Replacement!

The buildup of calcium, rust, lime, or sediments can cause your water heater to break down and need repair or cleaning. However, this doesn’t happen overnight but happens over time.

It is a common practice for plumbers who can’t be trusted to take advantage of property owners by saying something needs replacing when it may just need a good cleaning or a small part replaced. Also, in the case of water heaters or other parts like disposals, you may still be covered under a warranty.

In general, water heaters last from 10-15 years. Depending on the type of water heater, it will need specific maintenance or repair assessments every year. Just as other equipment in your home needs regular maintenance, so does your water heater. You want to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and that it continues to run properly.

Redmond WA Residents Advised to Maintain Water Heaters to Make it Last Longer

Our plumbing technicians at Apollo Plumbing are experienced and licensed and can install, maintain, repair, or replace your Redmond water heater.

Here are things we can do to maintain your water heater and make it last longer:

  • Flush out sediments and build up from the tank
  • Replace heating rods and elements
  • Re-lighting pilot lights
  • Inspecting for leaks
  • Inspecting for rust on tank or wiring
  • Inspecting or adding insulation for energy efficiency
  • Inspecting the temperature

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Baby Stuffed Toys Down the Toilet and Clogged the Drain!

For some reason, toddlers often seem to think that toilets are included in their at-home water park play areas. They just don’t get how off-limits that easy to reach tank is! After all, it seems to be built at the perfect height for them to reach in and happily dunk their favorite toys. We all know what comes next…yes, in the mouth they go, or worse yet, get flushed down the toilet!

If your baby or someone else in your family has clogged your drain, we are standing by to take your call. No matter how stuffed and impossible it may seem to get unclogged, we have you covered here at Apollo Plumbing & Rooter at all times of day or night.