Seattle Sewer Relining Services

Seattle sewer relining repairs damaged sewer pipes by creating a pipe within a pipe. An epoxy relining is used to create a new, smooth inner wall. This is how Apollo Plumbing repairs pipes that would otherwise need to go through the disruptive process of replacement.

When is Sewer Pipe Relining The Right Answer?

These are common examples of when a pipe may need relining:

  • Corrosion: If deterioration has caused a break or collapse restricting flow
  • Off-grade piping: Subpar existing pipes may suffer premature corrosion or deterioration
  • Leaky joints: If seals between pipes have broken, enabling water to escape around the pipe
  • Blockage: When proper flow is restricted due to grease buildup or other types of blockage
  • Root in the line: When tree or shrubbery roots grow through pipes disrupting normal flow
  • Bellied pipe: Part of the pipe sinks causing a collapse in the line that collects paper and waste

How Seattle Sewer Relining Works

Apollo Plumbing uses two methods of sewer pipe relining: pipe coating and CIPP, or Cured In Place Pipe.

Pipe Coating: With pipe coating, we apply epoxy to the inside of a drain to repair cracks, holes, root intrusion damage, and protect the pipe from further corrosion. Using a pump and a flexible metal tube, a pipe coating machine pushes epoxy through the tube into your drain while rotating brushes apply the resin. Although pipe coating can be utilized in longer piping; it is more commonly used for sectional drain repairs.

CIPP: Cured In Place Pipe: Apollo Plumbing Sewer Pipe Relining experts place a felt tube saturated with epoxy inside your existing pipe. The tube is inflated to take the shape of your pipe. As the epoxy hardens the liner takes the pipe’s shape. This new epoxy tube is either blown into place using air pressure vessel, or positioned manually using a rope on each end. Depending on your sewer design, cured in place pipe lining is often completed without any digging.

Early Diagnosis Saves You Time, Trouble, and Money

Since sewer pipes are underground, it’s not possible to see if your pipe needs attention. If you experience one or more of the issues listed above, the time to call Apollo Plumbing is now. We’re always ready to help head off more expensive problems. You call. We come. It’s fixed. Guaranteed.