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Plumbing will always be an important aspect of any Woodinville home. Running water is an essential commodity for modern living. With such importance placed on a single home system, it is important that you have a certified Woodinville plumbing expert you can call on when you need assistance. Apollo Plumbing has proudly served the Woodinville area with quality plumbing services since 2005. We employ only the most skilled and experienced plumbers and we guarantee all of our work. When you team up with Apollo Plumbing you are getting a true commitment to service excellence that shows in our workmanship. For this reason we have become a Woodinville plumbing company.Woodinville plumbing company

At Apollo Plumbing we offer a wide variety of plumbing services. We’ll install all of your new plumbing fixtures. Whether you are remodeling or simply wish to replace your old equipment; be it your faucets, sinks or toilets, we can get the job done. We also offer water pipe installation. We can reroute your piping to accommodate new fixtures or install entire plumbing systems. Our most common service offering is our plumbing repair. When a pipe bursts or is leaking, we’re the ones to call. We strive to arrive as quickly as possible and complete the job on the spot, so you can get back to life as normal. We even offer 24/7 emergency service. No matter what time it is day or night, we are only a phone call away.

Woodinville Plumbing Services

Quality Woodinville Drain Cleaning Services

Clogs are probably the most common and one of the most inconvenient plumbing problems people face. We’ve all experienced them, and they interrupt the normal flow of life. When your toilet overflows, you can’t use your bathroom and when your sink is clogged you can’t wash your hands or dishes. These are things we do EVERYDAY. When a clogged drain gets in the way of your day, call the drain cleaning experts at Apollo Plumbing. We have the tools and chemicals necessary to get any drain clean. Whether it is a buildup of organic matter like hair or food, or your two year old flushed his toy soldier, we can get your drain cleaned and working again in no time.

Even more serious clogs, such as sewer line clogs, are no match for us. For the bigger problem of dealing with a clogged sewer line, we bring out the big guns. It’s called “hydro-jetting,” and it basically amounts to using really high pressured jets of water to bust through and wash away debris causing stoppage. The unique benefit to using this advanced strategy is that the entire circumference of your drain pipe also gets cleaned of slime and sludge buildup. Your sewer drain will be as clean and functional as the day it was installed.

Water Heater Installation & Repair in Woodinville

Every appliance has a lifespan and your water heater is no exception. At some point you are going to run into water heater issues, and it is best to entrust your water heater problems to the experts who understand how they work. At Apollo Plumbing, we have plenty of experience with all types and sizes of water heaters. We know how to troubleshoot and solve almost any Woodinville water heater issue. From faulty igniters to malfunctioning thermocouples, we’ve seen it all. So if you see rust in your water, a reduction in water pressure in the shower or you experience a total loss of hot water, your water heater may need our assistance. When you call Apollo Plumbing, we’ll restore your water heater to good working order fast.

When the time comes to replace your water heater, we can help with that too. We have established relationships with the finest manufacturers so we only offer the highest quality and most energy efficient water heaters available. When you invest in a new water heater, you get all of the advantages that come along with that too. Peace of mind that you won’t have to deal with unexpected repairs or maintenance calls, more efficient energy usage which leads to lowered energy bills and better and faster production of hot water are just a few of the ancillary benefits to having a new water heater installed. We also offer all sizes of tank for storage water heaters and have tankless water heaters too. We would be more than happy to consult with you on the benefits of the different kinds of water heaters to help you determine which would be best for your Woodinville home.