Copper Pipe Repair

It is common for older homes to contain copper pipes. Unfortunately, leaks can occur at any time. In order to avoid costly damages and expensive utility bills, it is essential to understand the most common copper pipe repair procedures. At Apollo Plumbing, we are proud to deliver top services to clients around Seattle, Washington.


 Before attempting any type of copper pipe repair, it is advised to identify the leak source and drain the pipes. If there is a small leak present without damage, it is possible to use a repair clamp, also known as a pipe sleeve. By far, this is the most simple type of copper pipe repair procedure. There will be no need for any type of pipe replacement.

 To make sure that the repair is effective, choosing a clamp of the proper size is essential. Usually, the size of the pipe is stamped into a visible location. The first step is to clean the area with steel wool or high-grit sandpaper. In order to cover the leak, the clamp can be placed on the damaged location. The final step is to tighten the bolts securely.

Pipe Tape

 The next method for copper pipe repair is applying specialty tape. After cleaning the area, it is crucial to assess the size of the hole. If it is more significant than a pinhead, it will be necessary to use putty epoxy to seal the damage.Copper Pipe Repair

 While the epoxy dries, the tape may be activated by soaking it in water. When it is ready, it can be rolled around the area. It is essential to wrap the tape securely and to layer it. The tape sets quickly, so any air bubbles must be eliminated immediately.

Copper Pipe Repair Replacement

 If a large leak is uncovered, pipe repair may not be possible. The replacement may be necessary. This requires a pipe cutter, a round file, a replacement pipe, and a new fitting.

 Once the leak is identified, the pipe cutter is used to remove the problem area and approximately an inch of pipe on each side. Once the piece is removed, the remaining pipe should be filed so that the new fitting seals correctly. Next, the new pipe piece must be measured and cut. It may be sweat-soldered into position. If soldering is not an option, it is possible to use a push-connect fitting. Usually, this item is available in most hardware stores.

 Having a leak in your plumbing system is never good. When you cannot take care of the problem alone, the experts at Apollo Plumbing can help. For many years, our team has provided fast and friendly service to clients around Seattle. Our plumbers are trained to identify leaks and to perform copper pipe repair or system replacement. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.