Underground Leak Repair In Everett, WA

Looking For Underground Leak Repair In Everett, WA?

Underground leaks create two significant plumbing concerns for homeowners In Everett, WA. First, they can destroy landscape areas and cause unstable footing where you least expect it. Next, they occur silently, which may attract no attention until high charges appear on your utility bill. Underground leak repair from Apollo Plumbing can prevent further damage and restore your home and landscape functionality.

Understanding Why Leaks Happen

Any pipe in the underground network that supplies your home and yard can develop a leak at any time. In addition to a main water line leak, sprinkler and irrigation systems can weaken from use or age. Pipes buried too close to the ground surface can burst from extreme cold.

Sprinkler systems not emptied of water before winter arrives cannot avoid a leak to relieve internal pressure. In some cases, a heavy vehicle driver may unknowingly cross an underground pipe and damage it. A jointed pipeline can allow fine tree roots to invade and enlarge an opening that allows a leak to get bigger over time. An immediate shutdown of the main water supply underground leak repairvalve can stop the flow until you can get underground leak repair to your property.

Knowing How to Identify an Underground Leak

A wet spot in your yard may mean an underground leak, but other ways to check it provide more scientific results. However, any wet area deserves an investigation. A leak reaches significant proportions when it produces enough water to saturate the grass and plantings in your yard. At Apollo Plumbing, we can trace the cause of an underground leak and repair it.

If your water comes from a municipal supply, a meter measures how much you use and charges you for it. After finding the valve that controls your main water supply, turn the handle clockwise to stop the flow. When you want to examine the water meter in your front yard, look for a metal or heavy plastic lid near the sidewalk. The meter sits just below the cover. Any movement on the meter means that water continues to flow even after you close the supply line.

Leaks cannot get better on their own, and they can create a significant increase in your water bill. However, our underground leak repair service can detect and fix any problem, returning your water supply to excellent working condition.

Avoiding Unintended Consequences

A leak in your yard can create more problems than may seem obvious at first. Depending on the location, even a slow leak can affect the foundation of your home. Many homes use gutters to prevent water pooling around the perimeter of a house, and a leak can produce the same problems they try to avoid. In addition, when soils become saturated, they can allow a foundation to shift and create damage inside the structure.

Excessive moisture can damage your driveway as well by undermining its foundation. Gardens, flower beds, and specialty plants cannot tolerate too much water, and they may react to overly wet conditions. Aside from the inconvenience of getting your feet wet outside, the interior of a home may need extensive repairs when water seeps into drywall and flooring, furniture, carpets, and electronic equipment. Materials that remain wet tend to develop mold and pose health risks to anyone close to them.

Finding Solutions For Underground Leak Repair In Everett, WA

When an underground leak occurs, it requires immediate attention. At Apollo Plumbing, we offer a quick response to correct any plumbing issue. Our family-owned business has served the Greater Seattle and Everett communities since 2005 with the finest licensed, insured, and bonded plumbers. We provide screening and training to ensure the best possible service to our valued customers. Our skilled professionals arrive on time in well-stocked trucks that carry every plumbing part that allows us to work efficiently to repair any job.

Understanding the Urgency

While a leak may not attract your attention for some time, it may never reveal its actual location. A damp area in your yard can appear where the leak occurs, but it can appear elsewhere. When you notice anything different in your water supply, you may detect other clues when you start looking for them.

Most notably, an increase in your water bill can indicate a problem. At Apollo Plumbing, our underground leak repair teams use detection equipment that can find any leak. An unaddressed issue with your water supply can disrupt your home’s calm and peaceful atmosphere as it creates property damage and potential health issues.

Listening for Noises

A lack of water pressure at the tap may provide a clue about a leak, but some unusual noises that may annoy you can encourage you to listen closely. For example, hissing may indicate a pressure loss, confirming that the water supply seems lower than usual. In addition, vibrations from leaking pipes may generate a noise that sounds like static, and they may occur at any stage of leak development. Finally, in some advanced cases, you may hear splashing as the water strikes the soil around a pool of accumulated water.

In your water supply network, where everything always works perfectly, even a tiny clue of something wrong deserves attention. Changes in water pressure, noises in the pipes, and a water meter that still runs after you shut down the valve can give you the information you need.

Looking for Peace of Mind In Everett, WA

Symptoms that can alert you to a need for underground leak repair can heighten your concerns until you can correct the cause. We recommend taking action right away to avoid the outcomes that can result. Our professional plumbers can return your water supply system to pristine condition and give you the peace of mind you deserve. At Apollo Plumbing, our family wants to take care of your family’s plumbing needs and emergencies. Call us anytime for immediate, friendly, and professional underground leak repair.