Signs you Need Drain Cleaning

Are you wondering if you need to have your drains cleaned? The truth is that homeowners should have their drains professionally cleaned about once every two to three years, but your home’s plumbing system may be telling you to get your drains cleaned now. Let’s look at the top five signs that you need a professional drain cleaning service.

You have slow-moving drains

Water should disappear from your sinks, bathtubs, and showers reasonably quickly, usually within seconds. If it’s taking minutes or hours for your water-using appliances to drain, it drain cleaningcould signify that you have a partial clog and need to schedule a drain cleaning service for your home.

Water is sitting in a sink, bathtub, or shower (or all three)

If water sits in your sink, shower, or bathtub, you could have a clog as significant as the pipe, which means no water is getting through. The trick here is to determine if it’s one room that isn’t draining or if all the rooms that use water aren’t draining. For example, if none of the drains in your master bathroom are draining, you could have a clog somewhere in the pipe under your bathroom. If the kitchen and bathroom drains are slow, you could have a clogged sewer pipe. The good news is that a drain cleaning service can remove the clog.

Your home smells terrible, but you can’t find the cause

You’ve cleaned your entire house, emptied the trash, sprayed air freshener, and your home still smells terrible. The truth is that the problem could be coming from your pipes, and you need drain cleaning. That unexplained and persistent smell could be coming from your pipes, especially if it’s stronger in your bathrooms and kitchen than in any other room. Over time, food, grease, and other nasties can build up in your pipes and decay. Having your drains inspected and cleaned can help remedy the problem.

Your drains or plumbing pipes are talking to you

Your drains should operate silently. If you hear gurgling, sucking or another noise coming from your pipes, it could indicate that a clog is forming. The bad news is that once something gets stuck to the side of your pipe or lodged into the pipe, it collects other solids, making the clog larger and more challenging to remove. At the first sign of odd behavior from your pipes, always call a professional plumber. It’s much easier to diagnose and perform drain cleaning services when the problem is minor.

Water is backing up into your home

You could have a sewer line clog if the bathtub was free of water and suddenly had stinky, gray, or black water. Water backups into your home occur when there is a clog in the sewer pipe, and you keep running water to wash clothes, do dishes, and shower. Eventually, the water hits the clog and starts flowing backward. You’ll notice this problem in the lowest drain of your home or the drain that’s closest to the sewer pipe.

If you notice these clogged drain signs, you should call a professional plumber for a drain cleaning service. Professional plumbers can safely and effectively clear your drains without harming your pipes or the environment.