Signs You Need Sewer Service

The sewer line of a home is one of its most important aspects. Unfortunately, it is buried deep within the ground, making it difficult to monitor the conditions of the pipes. Over time, multiple issues can arise that degrade the components of the plumbing line, leading to leaks and other problems. Apollo Plumbing offers sewer service, including camera inspections and new installations. 

Why are the Sewer Pipes of a Home So Important?

The sewer pipes of a home are integral for the function of the entire plumbing system. These lines usher wastewater from the home. Depending on the setup, sewer pipes may take wastewater to a septic tank or to the municipal line where it goes to be treated. 

Common Reasons for Line Damage

With our comprehensive sewer line repair, lines can be restored expertly. Unfortunately, multiple issues can lead to line damage. We recommend our customers have maintenance services carried out regularly, to ensure no damage has occurred. The following are some of the causes we see when damage has occurred to the line. 

  • One of the primary causes of line damage is tree root invasion. If you have many trees on your property, chances are good damage could occur. Some trees are more invasive than others. When strong roots break through pipes, they can lead to cracks and complete breaks which disrupt the flow of wastewater. 
  • Clogs can also cause problems with the lines. Flushing non-flushable items or sending the wrong things down drains can lead to massive clogs and backflow of wastewater into the home. Care should be taken to avoid sending things down the lines that do not belong. 
  • Unfortunately, many sewer pipes are too old and the materials degrade. Even a slight break in the line can lead to problems with leaks, which can eventually cause major damages to a home’s foundation. With our expert leak detection, leaks can be found right away so they can be repaired. 
  • Temperature extremes can also come into play with line damage. Washington winters can get bitterly cold overnight, and the cold can wreak havoc on the integrity of your pipes. 

The problem with sewer damage is it can come on slowly. Because the lines are buried, many homeowners do not realize there are issues until they see outward signs. By this time, much of the damage has already been done. 

Signs of Sewer Pipe Damage

There are some simple ways to tell if you need a sewer inspection. By keeping a close eye on changes inside and outside of their homes, homeowners will know when they need to call us for sewer services. The following are some telltale signs the lines have been compromised. 

  • Pay attention to the water level in your toilets. The level should remain consistent daily. If the level goes up and down from day to day, this could signal there are issues with the lines. 
  • Should you smell sewer smells in the yard or coming from the drains, do not wait to call. We can inspect the lines and find the damage before a massive problem occurs. 
  • Do you notice multiple drains in the home are slow to drain? If your showers and sinks are filling with water and not draining as quickly as they should, allow us to check the lines. 
  • Gurgling noises inside the pipes can happen when there are blockages in the lines. If the wastewater is not flowing smoothly through the pipes, they will eventually become completely clogged and could lead to backflow from every drain and toilet in the home. 
  • Rising water bills can also show problems with sewer leaks. If you have noticed this sign, call us today to schedule an appointment. 

Line Maintenance Is Essential

The sewer lines of a home must be cleaned regularly to prevent clogs and ensure the continuation of flow. Unfortunately, homeowners often neglect maintenance and think little of their lines until major problems develop. 

We provide the expert maintenance services homeowners in Washington can rely on for their plumbing needs. A yearly inspection and clean-out will protect the integrity of your sewer system. Besides our services, there are some steps homeowners can take to avoid line damage, clogs, and leaks. 

  • Never dispose of grease in sinks or toilets. 
  • Flush nothing that does not belong in a toilet. 
  • Have tree roots trimmed periodically by a professional. 
  • Have a backwater prevention valve installed.
  • Replace aging lines before they become too damaged.

What to Expect from Our Services?

We have the tools and expertise to take care of all residential plumbing needs. First, we can conduct a line inspection with our camera equipment. This equipment allows us to find the source of the problems without digging up your entire landscape and creating a colossal mess. 

Our team offers jetting services that use high-powered jets of water to dislodge clogs and ensure your lines are moving properly. In the event the pipes are just too old or damaged, we provide full line replacement services.

With upfront pricing and a high level of customer service, Apollo Plumbing proudly serves homeowners in Washington State. We understand plumbing problems can quickly become a nightmare which is why we offer emergency plumbing services. 

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you have noticed any of the above signs, now is the time to schedule an appointment. We can perform a camera inspection and find out what is causing the problems in the line. We often see tree roots and buildups of grease. 

Allow us to take care of your sewer and ensure wastewater flows properly again. From maintenance to repairs and replacements, we have our customers covered with all the essential services their homes need. 

Apollo Plumbing rose from a desire to better serve the residents of Washington with plumbing services that exceeded expectations. For over fifteen years, they have been leading the way in the plumbing industry. With a focus on customer satisfaction and expert services, Apollo Plumbing has become a trusted name in the state.