Water & Sewer Line Services in Burlington

Despite the joys of homeownership, there will always be repairs that need to be made, especially when it comes to plumbing. There are undoubtedly small types of repairs that some homeowners can handle themselves. Still, when it comes to more extensive and involved others, they should certainly be handled by a professional. One of the most challenging repairs that should always be handled by a pro such as Apollo Plumbing in Burlington, Washington, is sewer and Water Line Replacement.

What Are Water and Sewer Lines and Why Do They Need Replacement?

As complicated as many people believe plumbing is, as it certainly can sometimes be—two of the most essential components are the waterline and the sewer line. These two lines and their proper function are the keys to every plumbing fixture in a home working well. These pipes bring clean water into a home and remove wastewater from it. 

Knowing how these lines work and spot trouble when it happens is an essential part of maintaining your home and preventing severe emergencies.

When a home receives its water from a municipal water source, it comes in via a pipe that runs from the source (often running under the street) to the home. These pipes range in diameters from 1/2 “ to 1 ½” in diameter, depending on the user’s requirements. Sewer lines have the opposite function: taking sewage from the home to the municipal waste system.  

All of this is designed to work swimmingly, except in certain circumstances, when things go wrong and need replacement or repair. One of the most common situations that happen with water and sewer lines is age. 

Unlike fine wine, water and sewer pipes don’t get better with age. Just as is the case with virtually anything else, water mains and sewer lines get old, corrosion forms, weather affects materials, and other factors can cause breaks and other problems. This is not uncommon, especially in colder places like Burlington where many homeowners will have a water or sewer pipe will break, causing extensive damage and disruptions in water and sewer service.

Good News for a Bad Situation

In most cases, homeowners realize a problem with either of these lines when good things don’t come out of pipes or bad things do. This is when it is best to call a local Burlington, WA plumber.

Before a lot of modern technology made its way into the field, the usual course of action most plumbers took in these cases started with a lot of digging. However, in recent years, technology has devised new ways to enter water and sewer pipes that gave plumbers advanced looks into these places to determine what was happening and where. This made both diagnosing plumbing problems as well as fixing them must faster and much less expensive. This bit of help came in the form of tiny cameras attached to long cables that can be run down a pipe to see the problem. From that point, a plumber can usually diagnose the issue and recommend a course of action.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

If a plumber determines that a water line can’t be replaced or it would not be cost-effective, they will probably recommend it be replaced. Fortunately, just as is the case with diagnosing a water line problem, replacing one has also benefited by introducing technology. However, it is a technique instead of a technology that came to the rescue: trenchless water main replacement. 

Just as the name implies, trenchless water line repair or replacement involves little or no digging. As a result, this method takes less time, but it also costs far less than the traditional methods of replacing a pipe.  

Trenchless water line replacement in Burlington, WA is done by digging two holes, one at the spot where the water line starts, and the other. After the vertical holes are dug, a cable pulling system is installed that uses progressively larger tubes to create access from one hole to the other. 

After this is complete, both ends of the new pipe will be connected to the water source on the outside, and the property’s plumbing on the other. This method ensures that the process is completed faster and more efficiently than in years past and with no property damage.

Why Choose the Trenchless Replacement Method?

Anyone trying to decide whether to use trenchless water line replacement or the traditional method would benefit by examining the unique benefits of trenchless repair or replacement versus the conventional way. Besides the benefits mentioned above, trenchless water line replacement carries the added advantage of being the ideal method of fixing virtually any pipe problem for either homes or businesses. This stands in stark contrast to many people’s hesitancy to make water line repairs due to the expense of the work involved.  

Plainly stated, there are many reasons why a homeowner would select trenchless water line replacement over traditional methods. Not responding to such problems as soon as possible after they occur is foolhardy since the repercussions can cause serious problems, both to property and the people who live and work there. As a result, Apollo Plumbing in Burlington, Washington, suggests trenchless water line replacement as the natural solution to all of your water and sewer line problems. Apollo Plumbing makes water and sewer line problems a thing of the past, and make sure that pipe problems for your home or business will not be an issue in the future.

Since 2005, Dan Barger and his team of qualified plumbers have provided the highest level of service to their customers in the Burlington, Washington, area. All of Apollo Plumbing’s crew members are fully licensed and bonded, but each one is trained to put customers first in everything they do, whether it’s making repairs or showing up on time. Apollo Plumbing crewmembers leave their customers knowing that they are the reason for the company’s success, and they work to ensure their future.