When Replacing a Water Line, Go Trenchless

In most parts of Washington, every drain in a home or a business is connected to lines that carry wastewater to a city sewer system. Problems in these lines may disrupt a plumbing system’s normal functions, interrupt your daily routine, and pose personal injury and property damage risks. 

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement is an effective way to address sewer line problems on private property without the expense and difficulty of conventional methods. Though traditional digging is still an option, why waste your resources, money, and time? In this guide, you’ll learn more about the process and benefits of trenchless pipe repair.

Why Is It So Hard to Deal With Water Line Problems?

A problem within a water line is much like one found in any other part of a home or business’ plumbing system. Clogs, leaks, and other issues may occur, which means the solutions will be largely the same.

The biggest challenge associated with water pipe repair comes when it’s time to reach the pipes themselves. Because these lines are buried, most companies use excavation equipment to get the job done. That makes the conventional approach very expensive and destructive. However, we do things a bit differently with trenchless water line repair.

How Trenchless Repairs Work

When a water or sewer line breaks, it’s best to seek professional help immediately. The experts at Apollo Plumbing will quickly determine which pipe is causing the problem. We’ll dig small holes at the ends of the damaged section of pipe, rather than digging up the entire yard. 

Using these exploratory holes, our technicians will access and repair or replace the broken water pipe. If a pipe is cracked, we’ll repair it from the inside with a special sealant. Once we’ve finished working, we’ll fill the holes. Our process is simpler and less disruptive than conventional methods, which means it’s quite popular among the area’s business owners and homeowners.

Now that you’ve learned how the trenchless pipe repair process works, let’s discuss its benefits.

Safer, Faster Service

Trenchless water line replacement and repair can be done in just a day or two, and sometimes within a few hours. Open trenches on your commercial or residential property can present serious safety and security risks. Our trenchless technology is safer and faster than traditional pipe repair methods.

Substantial Savings

Because there’s no need to dig a big hole in the yard, there are no extra costs for additional workers and equipment rentals. Business owners and homeowners will save time and money, simply because there’s less labor involved.

A Seamless, Jointless Solution

Trenchless pipe repairs are done in one of two ways. The first method is known as pipe lining, where a sealant is applied internally to fill a crack or hole in a pipe. The second method is referred to as pipe bursting, where an already-formed pipe is pulled outward through the damaged area.

Either of these innovative techniques will provide a seamless, jointless repair that’s extremely durable and highly resistant to leaks, cracks, and splitting. Call Apollo Plumbing today to learn about our repiping and trenchless repair services.

Minimal Disruptions

Conventional sewer and water line repair methods often damage walkways, driveways, and landscaping. With our trenchless technologies, we can perform crucial repairs without affecting your home or business’ appearance. Because the surrounding areas are left virtually untouched, you’ll be able to continue your daily routine—and you won’t have to re-landscape the yard afterward.

Higher Quality

Trenchless water line repair involves the use of high-quality materials that keep those lines in top condition and prevent future problems. We use durable coatings to fill cracks and create new pipe linings, and when pipes are broken, we’ll replace the entire section. 

When pipes are replaced, we’ll use joint-free polyethylene piping to prevent further damage. With our high quality materials and efficient installation methods, it’s easy to see why the area’s business owners and homeowners are turning to Apollo Plumbing for trenchless pipe repairs.

Preventing Tree Root Intrusions

A tree’s roots naturally search for underground water sources, such as buried water and sewer lines. Unfortunately, this often means that property owners must pay for drain line cleaning when there’s an issue. Our trenchless pipe linings stop trees’ roots from growing into sewer lines. Instead of planning for the next water line problem, you can rest assured that our epoxy pipe linings will keep your lines clear for years. 

Reducing the Risk of Subsequent Damage

Because the pipes we install won’t have seams or joints, you won’t have to worry about them loosening with time. There’s a decreased chance of breakage or leakage, because we use coatings that can withstand the most common plumbing problems. 

We recommend that local business owners and homeowners have their systems regularly inspected for the prevention of future issues. When water and sewer lines aren’t well maintained, it may lead to costly and challenging plumbing issues in the long term. If you need to have a water line replaced, trenchless repairs will help get the situation under control.

Not All Plumbing Companies Offer Trenchless Repairs

Trenchless pipe repair requires attention to detail and specialized training. When you’re in need of these services, Apollo Plumbing’s technicians can help. We’ll pay careful attention to existing gas and electrical lines, which will keep you and your property safe.

Many companies decline to provide trenchless repairs because of the increased upfront expense. Though the initial cost may be higher, this technology is long-lasting and minimally invasive, creating a greater value for the customer.

Get In Touch With Us

Trenchless pipe repairs have numerous advantages. There’s no need to tear up the entire yard, which means our customers will save on landscaping expenses. Our materials are durable enough to stand up to years of daily use, which makes these services an incredible value. To schedule an assessment of your plumbing issue, or to get the pipe repairs you need, call the experts at Apollo Plumbing today. We look forward to helping you!