Plumbing Services in Meadowdale

We know that if you are having to call a plumber, you may not be having the best day. However, at Apollo Plumbing, we are constantly striving to combine fast and professional Meadowdale plumbing services with friendly and warm interactions to help turn bad days around. For many of our Meadowdale customers, we are like that trusty older brother that is always around whenever they are needed. Always there, always on time, always clean, and always trustworthy, we are more like a friend than a plumber. 

Meadowdale Plumbing Services and Repair

When it comes to plumbing repair, there is nothing that we can’t tackle. If you need water heater service, drain unclogging, leak detection, or toilet installation in the Meadowdale area, we are just a call away. Each of our plumbers is screened, thoroughly trained, and adheres to a commitment to be on time for each appointment and to leave the area sparkly clean. 

Meadowdale Plumbing Services Include:

Repiping Services

Often your piping may be trying to tell you something with subtle but telltale signs that there is something wrong. Frequent clogs, leaks, and low pressure may all be indications that repiping is needed. Our favorite material to use is the Uponer PEX, which is more affordable and is not susceptible to corrosion like other materials.

Toilet Installation and Repair

A shiny new toilet is not just an indulgence- it could end up saving you a lot of trouble and money. A toilet that is leaking, running constantly, or clogging frequently may be beyond the help of a simple repair. At Apollo Plumbing, we do both toilet installations and repairs and are ready to come at any moment. 

Water Heater Installation

Most traditional heaters have a lifespan of around 10 years. Once they are older than this, it is likely that a replacement will be needed soon. Whether your water heater is making strange noises, is leaking, or is not properly heating the water anymore, our team is ready to help you make the best choice for your water heater installation. 

Tankless Heaters

Although tank water heaters are still used by many homes and condos and are a good option, many homeowners are choosing to switch to tankless heaters. Tankless heaters work by running water past either gas or electric coils to provide a virtually limitless supply of hot water. Our customers have reported money saved on utility bills, clean water, a longer lifespan, and more convenience after tankless water heater installation. 

Drain Unclogging and Cleaning

Clogged drains and smelly pipes are some of the most annoying problems a homeowner can face. Thankfully, our team is here to provide a quick, safe, and effective solution to both of these problems. Whether the problem is in your kitchen, toilet, bathroom, or floor drain, we can have the problem solved by the end of the day. 

Drain Clog Repair

For both drain cleaning and unclogging, we have access to a state-of-the-art technology called the Hydro-Jet. The hydro-jet works by using a stream of water that is many times more powerful than a standard power washer to clean drains of any debris, mold, algae, and bacteria for squeaky clean drains that do not clog. It can be done on any pipe in the home, removing the necessity of digging up pipes. 

Garbage Disposal

If you are in the Meadowdale area and your garbage disposal is having problems, we are your first stop for garbage disposal repair. Signs of garbage disposal malfunction are loud sounds such as clicking or grating, clogging, leaking, not grinding food, or not turning on. Garbage disposal repair and replacement can be dangerous, so make sure to contact a professional to help you. 

Replacement and Repair of Water Lines

If you have noticed discolored water, low pressure, wet spots in your yard, or mysteriously increasing water bills, you may have damage to your water line. At Apollo, we do water line replacement and repairs of all types of water lines. 

Trenchless Water Line Repair

When a customer asks us if we prefer trenchless or traditional water line installation, we will always say trenchless. This option is more affordable and leaves far less damage. Both installations and repairs can be done with two simple access holes, leaving the rest of your lawn in place. 

Sewer Repair and Service

Our trenchless sewer service and repair makes it easy to fix cracks, damage, and blockages without damaging your property. We employ video inspection to find the problem. We can then repair small sections, or do a complete replacement without leaving a big footprint. 

Sewer Line Repair

Our relining process is perfect for sewer lines with corrosion, bellied pipes, clogs, damage from roots, or leaking joints. We clean the original pipe using our hydro-jet and then apply an epoxy lining to the inside of the pipe. 

It is always best to catch sewer pipe problems as early as possible. If you notice any of the warning signs such as slowly draining toilets, sinks, and bathtubs, or frequent clogging, it is time to call the plumber. By diagnosing these problems early, a small problem can be prevented from becoming a big, expensive, and time-consuming problem. 

Your Trusted Meadowdale Plumbing Services Provider

At Apollo Plumbing we are passionate about taking care of our Meadowdale customers. Whether the home needs work to the water line, sewer line, drains, faucets, or garbage disposal, we are your trusted source for all of your plumbing needs. Contact us today to speak with us and to set up an appointment. 

Apollo Plumbing and Rooter was founded in 2005 in an effort to bring a personal touch back to the plumbing business. We come on time, get the job done right, and always leave a clean worksite. Servicing everything from the water line to indoor appliances, we are licensed, insured, bonded, and highly praised by our many satisfied customers.