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Whatever the reason you may need your drains unclogged here in the King County area of Washington, our professional plumbers are here to help you unclog the drain.  Just give us a call!  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Baby Stuffed Toys Down the Toilet and Clogged the Drain!

Why is the toilet tank such a fun place for babies to play?  Perhaps it is because it's just the right height for a little toddler.  Or maybe it's because the water and toys spin around when the commode is flushed?  Regardless, you wish Baby would stick to the bathtub or the kiddie pool outside!

If your baby or someone else in your family has clogged your drain, we are standing by to take your call.  No matter how stuffed and impossible it may seem to get unclogged, we have you covered here at Apollo Plumbing & Rooter at all times of day or night.

Tree Root Growth Can Break and Clog Your Sewer Lines

It is important to keep tree roots away from sewer drains and underground pipelines.  A tree root can infiltrate your piping system and clog a drain even if the drain line is broken. 

It's easy to tell if there is a break in the line or if something is blocking your clean water inlet pipes because your water pressure goes down, but what about the sewage line?  The only way you know (unless you get a backflow test) is after the fact when the water starts backing up into your home.

  We service both residential and commercial customers.

You want your water to be safe and clean, and want to prevent any nasty backflow that could contaminate your home or make your loved ones sick.

Does Your Water Heater Need Repair or Replacement Here in King County?

Don't let an untrustworthy plumber tell you that you need a King County water heater replacement if you only need it cleaned and flushed.

There are several causes for a water heater to finally break down, and most have to do with the lack of maintenance or an improper repair.

If your hot water tastes bad or your water heater stops working, call the professionals you can trust at Apollo.

Also, be sure to check out our Specials area of our website.  We often run specials or have coupons waiting for your use.  Just give us a call today!

King County, WA

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